Communication SW for data collection SmQI a SmQU


  • progressive, remote communication with up to 255 ELA flowmeters from one PC (PDA, notebook, etc.)
  • display the current status of ELA flowmeters and ELA level indicators
  • storage, archiving, printing and export of measured data for: statistics, billing service and inspection activities
  • service and inspection activities

Basic features of SmQI, SmQU

  • Parallel display of display values ​​from control unit to remote PC
  • Transfer and save archived data from the MQI, MQU to the PC
  • Processing of stored data on a PC and display in graphical or numerical form on the monitor with output to the printer
  • Exports saved data to a file (CSV) – Processing (eg excel) according to your own requirements and standards for PC visualization

Basic data of individual transmission networks

Guaranteed maximum range 10 m 500 m 100 m direct visibility, 10 m – 15 m v in the building
Type of transmission data line 3 wire data line 2 wire Bluetooth 2.0-IEEE 802.15.1., třída 1, radio interface ISM 2,4 GHz, SPP profile
Output interface in the ELA control unit RxD=terminal7, (input) TxD=terminal8, (output) GND=terminal7, (ground) – or standard CANON9 A=terminal7 B=terminal8 omnidirectional antenna 2 dBi, polarization vertical-linear
Communication between PC(master) a ELA products(slave) multipoint(point-to-point) progressive, multipoint-32(point-to-multipoint) progressive, multipoint-255(point-to-multipoint)
System requirements PC WIN XP – WIN 10, compatible port with RS 232, USB 2.0

Graphical diagram of available communications for data transmission and data collection – ELA