Electronic electrode systems are used for sensing and evaluating different levels of conductive fluid levels in tanks.


  • water treatment
  • mechanical engineering
  • power engineering
  • foof industry
  • agriculture

Electrode system control unit

Type EL 1

It is advantageous to use, in particular, to signal the achievement of the set levels of the liquid level, as an input member of a downstream control system that further processes and controls the respective aggregates. The EL 1 type does not include a memory member and immediately supplies with an adjustable time delay information about flooding or stripping of the independent electrodes 11, 21.

Type EL 2

It is advantageous to use for direct control of the unit, for example, pumps with two different modes of operation:

Mode 1 = draining liquid from the tank.

Mode 2 = pumping liquid into the tank

Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Power consumption 1 VA
Electrodes voltage 12V / AC
Input resistance (liquid, conduit) <100 kΩ
Max. line capacity 1nF
Protection IP 65
Elektrická ochrana double insulation
Contact loads 250V / 8A
Weight 0,4 kg
Ambient temperature −20 °C až +50 °C
Dimension (height × width × depth) 150 × 115 × 65 mm
Housing material plastic = ABS
Cable glands 3 ks PG 11 (to order + 2x PG 11)

 Basic dimensions


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