Service work is performed according to the customers wishes and product type. Guaranty repairs of electronic parts after their delivery to the producing plant are realised by an service engineer at the assembly place within 5 days according to agreement or conditions stated in the purchasing contract for the respective product. Repair and calibration of inductive flow meter sensors are realised based on an agreement with the service engineer.

In case of device failure please donť hesiate to contact our service departement in section CONTACTS.

Flowmeter certification

  • Magnetic inductive flow meters

Both specified and not specified operating measuring devices are tested in flow testing laboratories in Brno and Blansko depending on the DN size and required flows.

  • Ultrasonic flow meters

Specified operating measuring devices, including the hydraulic part, are tested directly in the test areas an impartible assembly. This is realised by our partners duly attested for this activity.

Not specified operating measuring devices are tested directly in the test area (electronic part of the flow meter), hydraulic part of the tested device is inspected just for guidance, with no certificate issued. This is realised by ELA, including the inspection certificate for the ultrasonic measuring device.